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Presidential Politics and Debates

I think I would be very mad if I were running for president.

First, they have me politicking earlier and earlier than ever before. I am wondering what would happen if we all ignored the 18 declared candidates of both parties until November or December. I am sure that would be a disaster for media and the declared candidates but not so much for the rest of us.

Second, from my point of view, the media is playing favorites. I have now watched two and a half debates. I watched most of the first democratic debate, about half of the first republican debate and all of last night’s democratic debate. If I were those fringe candidates, I would be pitching a fit. Questions almost always go to the major leaders of the polls first. Mike Gravel, on the democratic side, has barely had any time to voice an opinion. To top it off, the major poll leaders are placed center stage. Those who are at the bottom of the polls are usually on the “fringes” or edges of the stage.

Now, to make the favorite playing more evident, tonight CNN is running a special on politics and faith. Guess who they are discussing this with? Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards. Why not Chris Dodd or Joe Biden? Why not Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani?

I think the public should revolt. We should ignore – which probably the majority of the public is doing unknowingly anyway – presidential politics until November or December of this year.

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