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Hockey Into Off Season for Another Year

Last night was the end of the 2006-07 National Hockey League season. This is really a huge testiment to the athleticism of an NHL player as the season started in October. While I am not a huge Anaheim Ducks fan nor a big Ottawa Senators fan – I lean towards Ottawa because they have a farm team locally, I love hockey.

The final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs was not great hockey. Ottawa made a lot of unforced errors. Ottawa took a lot of unnecessary penalties. Ottawa’s big player – Jason Spezza, who was playing in Binghamton not that long ago – looked like he should be back in Binghamton.

On the other hand, regardless of the play or the “bad blood” between the two teams, the sportsmanship was there at the end. Ottawa quietly and respectfully waited for Anaheim to finish celebrating around their goalie so that the handshaking and sometimes hugging of the opposing team could take place. Seeing a team with only one player who had previous won a Stanley Cup championship hoist the Cup on the ice is an amazing thing. Seeing a brother pass the Cup to a brother when the last time the two were in the Cup finals they were on opposite sides is equally amazing.

Here’s to another great hockey season!

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