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CSA – or Community Supported Agriculture

Back in March, I wrote about planting schedules and my not-so-green thumb. I also wrote about trying to find the information on a local farm. Lo and behold, there was an article in the local Sunday paper insert USA Weekend that following week. It was all about community-supported agriculture.

I was sooo excited and immediately shot off an email to the farm I had been looking for the info on. Well, a few emails exchanged and nothing in the snail mail. Today, I was reading a new article on CSA and found another local farm. I shot off another email. Is it too late for this season? The point of CSA is to provide funding for the seeds and such needed at the beginning of the growing season. It is, after all, June.

I have e-met – my own word that I just made up – the most wonderful farmer who is going to allow me to buy a 12 week subscription to her organic farm. While this is slightly shorter than other farms’ seasons, it is also less expensive. And, to my advantage, she is flexible enough to let me buy in now!

I am soooo happy!!!!

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