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Night of Jazz

It’s an annual event in June. Seems like there are lots of them but that explains my earlier post about the May and June calendars and lack of white space.

Last night was the Maine-Endwell Music Department’s Night of Jazz. Every year since 2001, this event has taken place in June. The event features a guest artist and the school district’s jazz bands and ensembles. This year the guest artist was Mister Dan Miller. He played with both the middle school jazz band and the high school jazz ensemble. On top of that, he did a “clinic” or workshop on improvisation prior to the start of the concert.

The middle school jazz band is an extra curricular group. There are not enough periods in a middle school day to add another band, nor is there space for them to practice. The group meets once a week after school until 4 pm. This means that sports and other commitments that take place after school may, and usually do, prevent the entire group from being present at any given time. Even last night, there was one member missing as he had opening night of The King and I, a local Cider Mill production.

The high school jazz ensemble is a high school class. It does meet daily. These are wonderful musicians and play almost as well as adult groups that I have heard.

On top of these two school groups, the guest artist and the two music directors performed three songs together with a small group of students providing backup.

It was long – a little of two hours of jazz – but a wonderful night out with great music!

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