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Tuba Christmas

Tuba Christmas Binghamton
Tuba Christmas Binghamton

I just came from the mall.  I know, the Saturday before Christmas and only five days out, what was I thinking?  I was thinking Tuba Christmas!

Tuba Christmas as conceived in 1974 and takes place around the world.  This year there are over 200 locations taking place in Tuba Christmas.  Today, December 20th, there were 34 locations, including at the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, New York.  At the Johnson City location (which I call Binghamton), there were 47 registered tuba and euphonium players making Christmas music outside the entrance to JCPenney’s.

I have also been to Tuba Christmas in Syracuse, New York.  No, I do not play a tuba or a euphonium.  I do, though, have two student musicians who have played the tuba.

If you get a chance, attend a Tuba Christmas near you!

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