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White Bean Tapenade

In an effort to make my Super Bowl spread a bit more healthy, I have discovered a great cracker topping.  You could also use this on crustini. White Bean Tapenade Great on whole-wheat crackers or even toast. INGREDIENTS 2 garlic cloves, unpeeled 1/2 teaspoon olive oil 1 (15-oz.) can cannellini beans, rinsed and drained 2… Continue reading White Bean Tapenade

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Clean Eating – the Magazine

I have Val Tokarz to thank for turning me on to Clean Eating and, consequently, sending me on a searching frenzy in the magazine section of our local Barnes & Noble.    Now, I am hooked on the recipes, if not the concept, of clean eating.  Clean eating is the philosophy of eating things as… Continue reading Clean Eating – the Magazine

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Birthday Cake for the Twins

I cannot remember the last time I celebrated the twins’ birthday with them.  They were born 22 years ago last Saturday.  Since college started, they have always been away at college for their birthday.   This year, my daughter asked if I would bake a birthday cake before they left to go back to their… Continue reading Birthday Cake for the Twins

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What Makes You Think You Are Old?

I realize that I am soon going to enter into that period in my life called empty nest.  What an odd term to use for a life that is suddenly free of putting the kids and their activities and “obligations” before your own.    I knew I was getting older when, last summer, my oldest… Continue reading What Makes You Think You Are Old?

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NCAA Recruiting Rules Change

Surprise!  Surprise! The NCAA thinks it is just like big time professional sports and has an annual meeting to discuss rules and changes to said rules.  If you have ever gone through the NCAA recruiting manual, I am amazed there are not more violations.  It is like reading a state report but much more dry… Continue reading NCAA Recruiting Rules Change

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Diving at Oneonta

I love to go to swim meets that are not at Maine-Endwell.  You see, my son is a diver, not a swimmer.  He does occasionally swim exhibition heats but he does not swim much.  He dives.  So why do I dislike going to home meets?  Maine-Endwell does not currently have a diving board for diving during swim meets. When my… Continue reading Diving at Oneonta

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Gitmo Prosecutions

For a candidate that talked about ending torture and closing Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, signing an executive order that puts a 120-day moratorium on prosecutions at Gitmo is a start.  It is, though, just a start and not even a given. From my understanding, this executive order does not carry weight behind it.  Each military… Continue reading Gitmo Prosecutions

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Inauguration 2009

The historic swearing in is over.  The day worth of events is still unwinding but the big parts – the actual transition of power – is done. Senator Dianne Feinstein began the Inauguration ceremonies at approximately 11:45 Eastern time.    She spoke for a bit of time.    She state that “this morning is a turning point… Continue reading Inauguration 2009