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Sunset in January

The past few years the area of upstate NY that I live in has seen considerable January thaws.  This year it is not looking as if this will be the case.  I believe our January thaw was yesterday where we might have hit 40F but were definitely in the high 30’sF.

I was driving east along I-88 to go to my 18 year old son’s swimming and diving meet at Oneonta.  The trip is relatively painless now that the road is in good shape, having experienced some problems during the flooding back in 2006.  I glance in my review mirror and start looking for a place to pull over.

The sunset on this beautiful January day is absolutely gorgeous.  I did not pull over on a fairly busy interstate to take pictures of the sunset but I did take a couple after I arrived at the Oneonta High School.  While not nearly as brilliant as the views in my rearview mirror, below are sky shots from around 5 pm ET on January 23, 2009 in Oneonta, NY.

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