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Amazing Grace – Video

Yesterday was a huge personality split for me.  I could not decide whether to watch the AFC and NFC Championship games or watch coverage of Washington, DC and pre-inauguration events. Football won out with the often channel flip during timeouts and commercials.  Today, on the other hand, I was watching the CBS Early Show –… Continue reading Amazing Grace – Video

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Peanut Butter Crackers Being Removed from Store Shelves

Austin and Keebler brand peanut butter crackers are being removed from store shelves according to ABC News.  Both are made by Kellogg’s.  The company says it does not want to take any chances as it does buy peanut butter from the large distributor who is being investigated by the FDA in the recent salmonella outbreak. … Continue reading Peanut Butter Crackers Being Removed from Store Shelves

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Obama and the Economy – The Details

The plan is long and the comments many.  You can read the entire content that has been released here. I am going to take each section and blog about it separately.  My thoughts come so fast I cannot do the entire plan in one post.  I will start with “IMMEDIATE ACTION TO CREATE GOOD JOBS… Continue reading Obama and the Economy – The Details

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The State of New York – Part II

Since I finished my earlier post on part of NY Governor David A Patterson’s State of the State address, I have watch President-elect Obama’s address on the economy and his “bailout” – I mean reinvestment – plan.  I have come to the totally uneducated decision that the DNC must be holding lessons on how to… Continue reading The State of New York – Part II

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Obama and the Economy

Granted, the economy is probably on more Americans’ minds than why Bill Richardson withdrew his name from Secretary of Commerce consideration.  Granted, the economy should be the number one issue on Capitol Hill and on the mind of the incoming president.  This is evident in the address President-elect Obama gave today at George Mason University… Continue reading Obama and the Economy

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The State of New York

The Wednesday after the first Monday of the new year – only NYS could word something in this manner.  That is the date on which the governor is required to give his State of the State address to a joint session of the NYS legislature.  So, yesterday, shortly after a new majority leader for the… Continue reading The State of New York

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Three Bean Soup

It is winter in upstate NY and I am in soup making mode.  Number one, I have more mouths to feed during college breaks.  Number two, nothing warms the body and the soul like homemade soup.  Number three, I love to make soup. I cannot take full credit for the recipe below.  I swear I… Continue reading Three Bean Soup