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DC Bound

Today is a federal holiday, a day when schools are closed to honor the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.  My 18 year old son and I were up at 4:30 this morning.  We were out the door and on the road by 5 am.  We were headed to the school.  Most of his fellow students at Maine-Endwell High School were still wrapped in a warm bed, sleeping.  He had his pillow and an overnight bag (duffel bag) and was rather excited to be up and out of the house on his way.

Ben and approximately 70 of his classmates and teachers are headed to Washington, DC at this moment.  They are going down for the historic inauguration of Barack Obama.  Yes, today is early but that is okay.  This trip has a plan. 

Hopefully, they will be in DC by noon time.  It is snowing here and the teacher in charge did send out a text at about 4:35 telling the kids the roads are slick and to plan driving time to the school accordingly.  I think once they get on the highway, the trip will be fine.

Today they have the afternoon at the Smithsonian Museums.  Dinner, tonight, is planned for the Hard Rock in DC.  They will spend the night at the Hilton at BWI.

Tomorrow morning, they are boarding the bus at 2:45 am.  They are heading for the College Park Metro substation.  They will take the metro into DC for the Inauguration.  Only two people in the group – one teacher and one student – have tickets to the actual inauguration.  The rest will line the parade route and watch on jumbo trons on the National Mall.

Can’t wait to hear what they think when they get back!

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