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Holiday Food Memory

I grew up with  my paternal grandmother.  One very strong Christmas food memory was Kate’s Two Flavored Fudge – recipe at the bottom of post.  I never tried making this until much later in life – never under the tutelage of the master. We always went to my maternal grandmother’s for Christmas Eve.  One year,… Continue reading Holiday Food Memory

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The Four Day School Week

Evidently, there are places in the US that have a four day school week.  Along with the recently reinstated in my part of the country February week off (back in the 70’s it was to conserve energy – now not so sure as there are activities during this break), many districts have looked at a… Continue reading The Four Day School Week

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Twas the Weekend before Christmas

Yes, today is going to be a blogfest. I evidently have kept too much inside as I have all these thoughts waiting to burst from my mind. This weekend is a huge weekend for holiday musical events in my area. If you live near Binghamton, New York, please attend at least one of these events.… Continue reading Twas the Weekend before Christmas