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The Snow Day in Upstate NY

I can remember being excited as I would go to bed in anticipation of snow as a child.  I loved school but I loved a good snow day better.  I am a touch concerned about this, the second of this school year, that my kids will have today.

When I woke at 2 am – not quite sure why but my mother would say it is because I am getting to be of a certain age, there was no adverse weather yet.  Good news was PBS locally was replaying Soundstage with Faith Hill so I stayed awake to listen to it.  When I got out of bed for the morning, still no snow yet.  It was 6 am.

I realize the weather is coming.  I can see it on the radar.  I can tell from where the jet stream is that we are due the next week for several storms.  But no school at all today?

I am wondering if it might not have been wiser to go in and come home early.  Half days are not common in our district but there was one earlier this month for teacher training and one last week due to weather.  I don’t think it would have gotten so bad, so quickly that a morning bus run to the high school and middle school and then the morning run to the two elementary schools would have been prohibited.

Guess we will see!

Post script – When my 18 year old got home from diving practice last night, he said the coach would have practice at noon today if no school.  I am not loving that idea.

One thought on “The Snow Day in Upstate NY

  1. And a post script to my post script – after communication with the diving coach this morning, no practice after all.

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