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Last Minute Gift

I know – because I just got out of the house yesterday to really start my Christmas shopping – that we all are looking for a last minute gift.  This one is a tad bit weird but my step father loved it when I sent him one a few years ago.

Puzzle in a Jar

You will need a quart mason jar.  You can substitute any clear jar you have around – mayonnaise, etc.  The jar just needs to be see through.

You will need a bag of bird seed.

You will need to print off the wording for the tag at the end of this post.

You will need the puzzle pieces.  You can choose from any of the following or any similar items you can come up with:  rubber bankd, bead, toothpick, sticker, ribbon, cardboard or cardstock design, safety pin, button, penny, pencil top eraser, adhesive strip, burnt matchstick, birthday candle, jelly bean or an appropriate holiday candy, miniature clothespin, paper clip, cotton swab, crayon, twist tie, macaroni (remember its shape), flower, glass stone, golf tee, uninflated balloon, google eye from a craft project, screw, washer, decorative tack, push pin, nut, wine charm, picture hanger, old key – well, you get the idea.

Place the items, along with the bird seed, into the jar.  Be sure that there is a bit of space for shaking up to distribute the pieces.

Print the following words off on cardstock and tie around the top of the jar with ribbon.

Tag Wording (it is nice to let the recipient know what is in the jar also)

Some pirates got it all mixed up

And did things the wrong way ’round.

They put their treasure in the jar,

And buried the map in the ground.

Their treasure was some silly stuff,

Like nuts and screws and beads.

Then dear old Polly Parrot

Added all her extra seeds.

So find the many items here,

No two are quite the same.

Don’t open up the jar, though,

As that would spoil the game.

2 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift

  1. Nicki, I stumbled across your blog awhile ago. I was thrilled to see that you live in upstate NY. I grew up in Endicott! I like the puzzle in a jar gift. I enjoy visiting your blog. I nominated you for an award. Come to my blog to see.

  2. Laura – I live half way between Endicott and Maine and grew up in Owego. I am on my way to visit your blog. Glad you enjoy mine.

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