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A July Summer Weekend

Last weekend’s weather cooperated to make for a postcard perfect weekend in Upstate New York. Major races were held all over the place – Utica, Geneva, Binghamton – and a local festival took front and center from Friday until Sunday.

JulyFest, in its 53rd year, takes place in downtown Binghamton. In conjunction with the festival is a music festival and a 5K run, the Parlor City 5K. I haven’t managed to get into downtown for JulyFest in years, having not lived in Binghamton since 1994. It’s not that there is a great distance between my home and Binghamton. It’s that there is so much that goes on the second weekend in July I do not always get downtown. When I do get downtown, I tend to be there only for the 5K and leave before JulyFest booths open up for the day Saturday.

I was so excited to see my friends Jen Lasher, Cindy Rotella and Gary Rith with booths at JulyFest. Each has their own medium they work in and each had amazing displays. Gary is a potter and I drink from a mug of his daily. I always have my coffee in a Gary Rith original. Cindy paints and her canvases are gorgeous. Jen is a photographer and I absolutely love her work and enjoyed talking to her about locations for shots and such.

Top all that fun on Friday afternoon off with Saturday’s 5K which I volunteered at the finish line. I got to see all of my running friends who may have just been warming up for the next day’s Boilermaker in Utica. It was great seeing people I know crossing the finish line.

Next July, if you are looking for a great place to spend a weekend in July, consider Binghamton during JulyFest.

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