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Aspirations 2007

 I know, why aspirations? I have always thought goals were those little steps you take to reach a loftier, higher aim. Therefore, and based on Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance, I have aspirations for the new year. I realize I have already missed a good portion of the year.

I have spent some time going over last year’s aspirations. I don’t think I did very well with them so, to that end, I will post monthly progress – at the end of the month – throughout this year to help myself be more accountable.

A lot of my aspirations are the same but there are a few new ones.

Aspirations 2007 (look for monthly goals a bit later, start February)

  • Be proactive in finding new friends and possibly a more than friend interest. I just am not sure that romantic interest is the right word but maybe it is.
  • Submit art and get published. I am also, as a way to get published, going to look ahead to the themes major art magazines will have in 2006 so that I may have a creation on hand to submit.
  • Lead Simple Abundance faithfully this year. Be sure to post a starter to each monthly thread.
  • Be more active as a mod at
  • Read a total of 30 books this year – including re-reads.
  • Fitness 1 – I will walk 400 miles this year.
  • Fitness 2 – I will wear my pedometer faithfully.
  • Fitness 3 – I will find an additional – strength – fitness outlet.
  • Budget 1 – I will pay down my debt.
  • Budget 2 – I will put at least 10% of my earnings to savings.
  • I will become adept at utilizing menu planning so as to maximize the money spent on food and the variety in our diets.

I know this is all great written down. Stay tuned for progress throughout the year.

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