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Television Bonanza Tonight

I don’t watch a lot of television.  I do listen to a lot of it as I work and have the TV on in the background frequently as “white” noise.  Tonight, though, I am truly torn.


First off, I have been, since about midway through the first season, a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan.  I did try to watch the season premier last week.  It did not hold my attention.  I was asleep before it was over.

Next consideration for all you out there is that I am fanatical about my West Virginia University sports.  Living a little over an hour from Syracuse University, I do not get to see a lot of WVU sports on TV.  The Mountaineers are playing Colorado in Morgantown tonight and it is being televised on ESPN.

Third, I love Kate Walsh.  She is a wonderful actress.  She exudes sex appeal in almost any role she is in without trying.  She is also not a 20 year old, which is good in my book.  Consequently, I am rather hooked on Private Practice which has its season premier tonight.

Fourth consideration is Ken Burns.  He has this fantastic mini-series on our National Parks system that is airing this week on PBS.  The first run is from 8 to 10pm with a repeat from 10pm to midnight.  I totally missed the first installment on Monday but have watched, or listened to, the remaining installments.

So the big dilemma is … what am I going to watch tonight?  The DVR will only record so much.  Football is at the top of my list but then I would miss the others.  Oh dear!  I will be flipping channels like a madwoman tonight.

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