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Just a thought in my mind

Sometimes, I think that is what my blog is all about – getting some of what is in my mind out of it and “onto paper” as the case may be.  Of course, this is a modern form of paper but I still love it.

I went through a phase when I would not subscribe to any magazines.  This was about five years ago and I did it based on the impact on the environment.  I would go to the library once or twice a month and sit and read periodicals.  This was great in that I was exposed to many different periodicals – ones I would never have paid to subscibe to and ones I love. 

 Now, as more publications are moving towards using recycled paper for their pages, I have picked up a few subscriptions.  Most of these are for inspiration for art, for gift giving and for general knowledge articles. 

I was leafing through a few the other night.  As the new month’s magazine comes into the house, I go through the previous month’s and tear out anything I wish to keep.  I saw a picture on a page that just jumped at me.  I tore out the page.  Then, yesterday I saw another picture that also spoke to me.  I tore that page out.  I trimmed around the various pieces that I wanted and voila – below is a college I did.

Live Well

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