Art · Triple Eight Challenge

Water Webbing

In one of the last lessons I have to do for February’s working through Paper Transformed by Julia Andrus is webbing.  I knew, from the start, just what stamp I wanted to use and what I was going to do with it.  I just needed the time and a water bottle. 

I have several squirt bottles but they are all large ones for cleaning solution, although they do not all have cleaning solution in them.  I grabbed one and cleaned it up, made sure there was no cleanser left in it if that is what was there to start with and filled it with water.

 I, then, took my Marvy Le Plume markers and used the brush end to color my stamp which is from Anita’s.  I stamped first and second generation on this one piece to be sure I had one finished item for my project.  Then, came the water and squirt away I did.  I finally realized I love the technique but do not love the large squirt bottle.  I am putting a small squirt bottle on my list of things to get next time I am at the dollar store.  This one just put too much water on my designs.


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