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My Year of Running Dangerously – Book Review

Disclaimer: I read this book through the publisher Penguin’s First to Read program. I used points from reviewing books to ensure I received an advance copy. Tom Foreman writes a beautiful tale of love and training. You may recognize his name from journalism pieces on CNN but I want to focus on the non-fiction book… Continue reading My Year of Running Dangerously – Book Review

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Strangest Weather-Related Issue So Far

Yes, I now have CNN on my television. CNN started publicizing a hotline to report voter irregularities last week or the week before.  They reported on some during early voting in both Georgia and Florida. I have heard of some strange happenings in the local area thanks to but the recent voting irregularities report… Continue reading Strangest Weather-Related Issue So Far

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Jesse Ventura and Politics … Again?

I am sure Minnesotans were hoping the issue of Jesse Ventura moving back into the political arena in their state would end quickly.  The race in question – a US Senate race – is already the source of constant speculation as comic Al Franken has left comedy behind to run against incumbent Norm Coleman. Ventura… Continue reading Jesse Ventura and Politics … Again?

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MSNBC-Cleveland State Univ. Democratic Debate

First, I was annoyed that the debate was set to start at 9 pm.  I had not slept well the night before and was really hoping to be asleep by 10 pm.  That in mind, I got all set to watch the 20th debate on the democratic side of the presidential nomination process. I had… Continue reading MSNBC-Cleveland State Univ. Democratic Debate

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CNN/Univision Texas Democratic Debate

Yes, it seems like all I do these days is watch debates.  I got tired of them about August but am back with my pen and notebook taking notes.  And, yes, my sons look at me like I am nuts as I head to a television that won’t disturb them with a mug of hot… Continue reading CNN/Univision Texas Democratic Debate

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The Situation Room

Jack Cafferty, on CNN’s The Situation Room, just asked the following question:  “If you could choose any former U.S president to lead this country now, who would it be and why? ” I could not get to the computer fast enough to rattle off my thoughts to Jack on this question.  The answer came to… Continue reading The Situation Room

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The Timetable Debate

The one thing I left out of my lengthy diatribe about the GOP debate from January 30th is the timetable debate or name calling. Again, this was a discussion (again, I hope irony or sarcasm in blog terms comes from italics) between John McCain and Mitt Romney.  Who else would it have been between since I think… Continue reading The Timetable Debate

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CNN’s Republican Debate

Probably the only thing I liked about last night’s GOP debate was the setting.  No one could have picked a beautiful and more significant location than the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  Setting the four potential nominees in front of Air Force One from the Reagan era and having Nancy Regan in the front row was… Continue reading CNN’s Republican Debate

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Just what is a debate?

Okay, I went to the dictionary. The synonyms for the word debate in the noun format are argument, controversy, disputation, contention. I guess I am way off, then, in saying that the recent “no rules” debates held on CNN are not what they should be. I delved further looking to see why I always thought… Continue reading Just what is a debate?