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My Year of Running Dangerously – Book Review

Disclaimer: I read this book through the publisher Penguin’s First to Read program. I used points from reviewing books to ensure I received an advance copy. Tom Foreman writes a beautiful tale of love and training. You may recognize his name from journalism pieces on CNN but I want to focus on the non-fiction book… Continue reading My Year of Running Dangerously – Book Review

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Strangest Weather-Related Issue So Far

Yes, I now have CNN on my television. CNN started publicizing a hotline to report voter irregularities last week or the week before.  They reported on some during early voting in both Georgia and Florida. I have heard of some strange happenings in the local area thanks to but the recent voting irregularities report… Continue reading Strangest Weather-Related Issue So Far

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Jesse Ventura and Politics … Again?

I am sure Minnesotans were hoping the issue of Jesse Ventura moving back into the political arena in their state would end quickly.  The race in question – a US Senate race – is already the source of constant speculation as comic Al Franken has left comedy behind to run against incumbent Norm Coleman. Ventura… Continue reading Jesse Ventura and Politics … Again?

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MSNBC-Cleveland State Univ. Democratic Debate

First, I was annoyed that the debate was set to start at 9 pm.  I had not slept well the night before and was really hoping to be asleep by 10 pm.  That in mind, I got all set to watch the 20th debate on the democratic side of the presidential nomination process. I had… Continue reading MSNBC-Cleveland State Univ. Democratic Debate

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CNN/Univision Texas Democratic Debate

Yes, it seems like all I do these days is watch debates.  I got tired of them about August but am back with my pen and notebook taking notes.  And, yes, my sons look at me like I am nuts as I head to a television that won’t disturb them with a mug of hot… Continue reading CNN/Univision Texas Democratic Debate

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The Situation Room

Jack Cafferty, on CNN’s The Situation Room, just asked the following question:  “If you could choose any former U.S president to lead this country now, who would it be and why? ” I could not get to the computer fast enough to rattle off my thoughts to Jack on this question.  The answer came to… Continue reading The Situation Room