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My Year of Running Dangerously – Book Review

Disclaimer: I read this book through the publisher Penguin’s First to Read program. I used points from reviewing books to ensure I received an advance copy.

Book cover
Book cover

Tom Foreman writes a beautiful tale of love and training. You may recognize his name from journalism pieces on CNN but I want to focus on the non-fiction book he wrote chronicling his journey back to a runner after turning 50. Foreman had run in his youth but when his daughter, who was attending college in Atlanta, suggest the two of them run a marathon together while training apart, Foreman figures why not.

As most runners will tell you, running doesn’t ever leave your veins. Once a runner, always a runner. To that end, I’m sure Foreman figured just how hard could running a marathon with his daughter be. I laughed when I read this part as I know I could no more run a race with one of my children. We could run the same race but even at the half marathon distance, my daughter bettered my time by almost 40 minutes.

I was drawn to the book because, even though Foreman had run in his youth, he had not run a race in almost 30 years when the marathon decision was made. As a late in life runner – I ran my first race in December of 2009 at the age of 48, I enjoyed reading some of the trials and some of the victories other later in life runners have had. Foreman hit some of these right on and I could only nod my head as I read along.

The course of the book covers that initial marathon along with four half marathons, two other marathons and an ultra. What I want now is a follow up!

If you want to find out more about this fantastic book, check out my buddy Denny’s interview with Foreman on his podcast.

Do you think you would like a book about someone’s running journey? Why or why not?

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