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Strangest Weather-Related Issue So Far

Yes, I now have CNN on my television. CNN started publicizing a hotline to report voter irregularities last week or the week before.  They reported on some during early voting in both Georgia and Florida.

I have heard of some strange happenings in the local area thanks to Pressconnects.com but the recent voting irregularities report on CNN had the most interesting problem.

Weather in southern parts of Virginia and in North Carolina is horrible.  People are waiting in torrential downpours two or more hours to vote.  Thank you to all of you doing this as it is important that you vote.
The problem – people are so wet that their paper ballots will not feed through the optical reader after marked.  Poll workers have asked those with this problem to leave their soggy ballots in a box (a bunch of soggy paper in a box will dry?) and the ballots will be fed through the reader later. 

I am not confident in this solution for several reasons.  First, if you place a number of soggy ballots in a box, the one or two or even five or ten on top may dry out but those one or two or ten at the bottom are going to just get soggier.  Second, if people are currently waiting two hours, or more, to vote in this area, the poll workers are going to be busy.  They are not going to have time to feed multiple ballots through an optical reader.

What would you do if you were a voter faced with this issue?

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