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Jesse Ventura and Politics … Again?

I am sure Minnesotans were hoping the issue of Jesse Ventura moving back into the political arena in their state would end quickly.  The race in question – a US Senate race – is already the source of constant speculation as comic Al Franken has left comedy behind to run against incumbent Norm Coleman.

Ventura was weighing a run as an Independent in this same US Senate race.  Both Franken and Coleman first dismissed the thought of Ventura as not really being viable.  In recent days, though, both have admitted that Ventura entering the race would have caused a drastic change in the race.

I watched last evening as Jesse Ventura spoke with Larry King of CNN about his decision to not run.  I listened as Ventura said that worrying about what higher power our candidates worship should not be an issue.  He did a good job of “dissing” President Bush on the God issue, basically saying that while Bush said he talked to God about invading Iraq, he himself had not heard from God that he should enter this race.  I did have quite a good laugh.

Then, in a moment of remembrance, I was quickly saddened.  Jesse Ventura’s run for governor in Minnesota had been run by a third party guru – Doug Friedline.  Doug passed away last November in an apartment in Florida after running Max Linn’s third party attempt at the Florida governorship.  While I truly believe Ventura to be his own man, I am not sure he could run this type of a third party campaign with Friedline. 

Jesse -If God does speak to you before 5 pm today, good luck!  Your campaign will be in my spotlight even though I am about 1200 miles away.

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