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Going Somewhere – Book Review

What an amazing journey! Have you ever sat on a bike for more than an hour? I know that I could not ride the distances that Brian and Rachel did in this book. More important than the fitness necessary for the journey are the life lessons that are learned throughout Going Somewhere. Brian had to… Continue reading Going Somewhere – Book Review

Just my Thoughts · Politics

Empty Senate Seats

This has been the year for under-representation in the US Senate.  As you may recall from your American history class, the legislative part of the United States government is made up of two house – the House of Representatives where the representation is dependent on state population and the Senate where representation is two per… Continue reading Empty Senate Seats

Just my Thoughts · Politics

Jesse Ventura and Politics … Again?

I am sure Minnesotans were hoping the issue of Jesse Ventura moving back into the political arena in their state would end quickly.  The race in question – a US Senate race – is already the source of constant speculation as comic Al Franken has left comedy behind to run against incumbent Norm Coleman. Ventura… Continue reading Jesse Ventura and Politics … Again?