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Going Somewhere – Book Review

What an amazing journey! Have you ever sat on a bike for more than an hour? I know that I could not ride the distances that Brian and Rachel did in this book. More important than the fitness necessary for the journey are the life lessons that are learned throughout Going Somewhere.

Going Somewhere
Going Somewhere

Brian had to deal with many facts that float in his head as he is mostly leading the two of them on the almost 2,500 mile trip from Wisconsin to Oregon. On top of the environmental issues of heat and wind, there are occasional bike issues and then there are the emotional issues that both are thinking of as the ride progresses.

My belief that people really are good was renewed as the two of them managed to rely a lot on the goodness of strangers to make the trip. People that did not know Brian and Rachel did everything from providing them with routes to allowing them into their homes.

As a long distance runner, I would love the freedom of such a trip. As a person, I am envious of the trip these two take.

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