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A Run Along with Me

I like to chronicle, in photographs, the routes I take when I run.  This, of course, means I get stuck walking most of that day but it is well worth it.

Yesterday’s five miles took me a hour and a half.  This is not normal.  I stopped for about 20 minutes to talk with one of the pipeline workers as he was wondering why I was taking pictures.  These new signs popped up on my routes – on almost all of them – back at the end of August.  I am going to try to take the camera with me once a week as he says I will be amazed what the area will look like in three weeks time.

Anyway, there was an old post in JMicale’s Subtle Body blog on a while back.  It talked about dogs on your run.  If you get a good look at the road signs, I am more likely to have a problem with a tractor, deer or horses.  Now, I can add construction vehicles in.


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