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A Different Lesson from College

My 21 year old son is currently getting a lesson at college that is not one that you normally pay for receiving.  I know the tuition bill for next semester should be here any time and I will definitely know that I am paying for his education but this is a reprisal of a lesson he learned in high school a bit.

He is president of an SA (Student Association) sponsored club at the University at Buffalo called True Blue which is the official student section for UB athletics.  This year they have sponsored a bus trip to the game in Pittsburgh and are sponsoring buses to the MAC Championship game this Friday at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.  At this game, UB, the MAC East Champs, will take on number 10 Ball State, the MAC West Champs.

Anyway, back to the lesson.  While in high school, my son played football at Maine-Endwell High School.  Each fall the coach would prime the kids on what could/should be said to the press for that pre-season football article.  When the press wanted to talk to a player, there would be a few pieces of information whispered in his ear prior to the interview.  Not a bad idea!  I have been quoted and misquoted many times by the local press so I understand.

Now, my son is telling me that he is on his way to the Athletic Department at UB.  They want to prime him for several interviews.  He has already spoken to the Buffalo News – keep your eyes out for an article – and one of the local Buffalo news channels.  I am going to have to start checking more than the school and local paper websites starting tomorrow.  He also has a big interview coming up as he has to get over to the Athletic Department prior to 2:30.

Good luck to you!  And remember the things you learn from this!!!

2 thoughts on “A Different Lesson from College

  1. Congrats on your son’s interview. And I agree, even when you send interview via email, it still can and does get misquoted. I’ve learned to never answer more than the questioner asks for and when there is silence, stay silent until he/she asks the next question.

  2. Alyice – My dad is a reporter so I grew up with press in my life but my kids are not quite like that. My son was a tad bit frustrated yesterday. He is getting use to it.

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