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I have always loved to play Scrabble.  I remember playing it as a child and teenager with my grandmother.  Occasionally, my sister would join those of us gathered around the board but not too often.

Over the years, I have found games online that I can play.  I do play a variety of word games but have never found a Scrabble game that I enjoyed.  Well, now, thanks to the online edition of my local paper, I have discovered Scrabble Blast.  I have yet to purchase the full version or to download the trial version.  I just play the three level free version.  I am thinking that those who are posting scores on Pressconnects.com may be playing with more than three levels or I am just not the word master I like to think I am.

Should you need something to help you while away the time – and college football is not to your liking as I have a full weekend scheduled with football, try Scrabble Blast.  Below are two different sites that allow you to play three levels for free.



Let me know what your high score is!

One thought on “Scrabble

  1. Hi Nicki, I came accross your blog about Scrabble and thought you might be interested in a total freeware scrabble for up to 6 players, solo or against the pc. I hunted for a freeware scrabble and to cut a long story down, I eventually found the freeware version and so I have written the blog to hopefully make it easier for people to find a freeware scrabble which is there for all to download. My address where the blog is here http://nickheys.wordpress.com/ If you do try it perhaps you could tell your friends as I am doing and hopefully the programme writer will get some positive feedback about his game. Many thanks for your time. nickheys

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