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College Football at Last

I know that it doesn’t seem all that long ago that there were the usual season-ending complaints about the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) and a National Championship game, but to those of us who love college football, these last eight months have been very long. 

I am a college football fan.  I grew up, as most in the area of Upstate New York I am from, a big Syracuse Orangemen – yes, I know that is politically incorrect and I don’t care – fan.  Then, I went to college.  I spent two years at small private school in the Adirondacks, one that didn’t have sports or a Greek system but did have wonderful views of mountains and lakes and lots of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. 

I transferred after two years to West Virginia University where I became a Mountaineer.  I loved the crowds on the PRT on football Saturdays.  I loved the crowds – and yes, occasional fires – in Sunnyside after a win against Pitt.  I love – not loved – being a Mountaineer.  Suddenly, I was a Syracuse hater – okay, so a disliker as I still live about an hour from Syracuse.  I have routinely watched every televised Mountaineer game I can, not an easy task when regional games in my area are undoubtedly Syracuse.

I am still an avid Mountaineer fan.  I go to the games when they play in Syracuse.  I am very proud when I see the Pride of West Virginia on a football field during half-time. 

Now, though, I am a mother.  I am the mother of a son who attends a division 1 college.  I am the mother of a son who is the president of the student fan club at University at Buffalo.  He has worked hard to make the Bulls’ Backyard Bash come off tonight.  So tonight, while my other passion in life – politics – kicks into high gear with the Invesco Field performance by Barack Obama, I will hope that we get the regional coverage of the UTEP at Buffalo game so I can watch what my son so enjoys.

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