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Women’s Suffrage

On the 88th anniversary of the vote for women, I sat enthralled by the Democratic National Convention tonight.  The idea – and who knows if it was Barack Obama’s idea or Nancy Pelosi’s idea – of celebrating this wonderful event in our history at the convention was great.  A number of females spoke tonight, throughout the evening, ending with the biggest female politician of them all at the moment in the Democratic party – Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton – in her speech tonight – spoke fervently about the history lesson of Seneca Falls.  The call for women’s rights to vote in 1848 was urged forward by names like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott.  While it took decades after that for the vote to actually come, it was those in Seneca Falls, NY that started it and that are, I am sure, smiling down on Hillary Clinton tonight.

If you live in the upstate New York area, you are missing a great day trip if you have never been to the Women’s Rights National Historic Site.  The living historians that will play the part of the men and women that helped start the ball rolling is worthy of the gas and the trip.

One thought on “Women’s Suffrage

  1. I was thinking about you as I listened to her speech last night, wondering if you were able to stay up for it. Definitely a good one – she is becoming a much better, more comfortable orator.

    I was taken by her statement that her mother was born before the right to vote, and that this year, her daughter was able to cast a vote for her mother for President.

    It made me remember the struggles – both throughout history, and in the not so distance past. We’ve come a very long way, and we tend to take our equality for granted – some of us even wondering about it as we struggle to find balance. But, we still have a way to go, and Hillary reminded me of that.

    While Hillary technically met the expectation of urging her supporters to back Obama, and while the pundits wax on about her speech being self-serving, she delivered a message we need to listen to.

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