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Another Stage in My Life

Yes, I have come upon a new stage in my life.  You may ask how I know but it is easiest to tell you all the pieces that pointed me to this conclusion.

First, my oldest child was in a wedding this past weekend.  Not as a ring bearer or any such thing.  He was one of the groomsmen for a college roommate’s big day.  I happened to go to Men’s Wearhouse with him for his tux fitting and should have realized this was sneaking up on me.  Most visits for tux fittings have to do with proms, not weddings.  Then, there was the call from his office with a strange question.  “Mom, I don’t know how to fill out this response card.”  “Response for what?”  “The wedding reception, of course.”

Second, my daughter who is only 21 and still in college came home for a visit over Memorial Day.  She is working at her university for the summer so is not here all summer.  She has stayed in close touch with her best friend from high school and did go over to visit with her before heading back to Niagara Falls that weekend.  She came home from said friend’s home and was all smiles and immediately says, “guess what?”  How the heck am I suppose to know?  Her best friend had gotten engaged that weekend.

And, the clincher, same daughter just called me about 45 minutes ago.  One of her best friends at university has applied for, and been accepted to, Customs and Immigration in the Department of Homeland Security.  The assignment came through a couple weeks ago and he is leaving in a week.  What did my daughter call to tell me?  She had just had to have a sit down meeting with an agent as part of the reference check.

When did these kids all grow up?

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