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Meteor Showers

I have spent years getting up early or staying up late so that I can encourage my children to be interested in science.  You may wonder what my bed time has to do with science.  Not much other than how cranky I get but that is not the what I am encouraging.  I want my children to watch the skies.  I want my children to know the stars.  I want my children to see the meteor showers.

I always look forward to the Perseid Meteors as they are in warm weather.  It is so much easier to encourage staying up late or dragging one’s self outside pre-dawn when the temps are above freezing.   

I keep an eye out for articles on that will let me know when the height of the meteor showers will be and when the best time for viewing will be.  The first article of the summer has shown up.  Posted as I was wrapping up my night of baseball and then watching World Youth Day on EWTN, “Spectacular Summer Sights: Shooting Stars” is just what you and I both need as a guide to summer shooting stars. 

Happy Sky Watching!

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