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The Local Press and Proper English

I frequently check the Press and Sun-Bulletin’s web site through out the day to catch local headlines.  Since my readership is early in the morning, there is usally quite a lengthy listing of new postings.  One, in particular, caught my eye this morning.   

NY students to pay higher tuition at Pa. colleges”  My initial thought was this was about private colleges in PA that offer some special perks to NY residents to lure then over the border to those colleges.  This is a common marketing ploy and does help offset the fact that NYS residents forego NYS TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) if they are not attending a public or private college or university within NYS.

No, the headline – which specifically states NY students – is about an increase in out-of-state tuition at Pennsylvania’s state colleges and universities.  The headline, which is probably not created locally but by the Associated Press since that is where the article originated, is an extraordinary misuse of the English language.  Not only NY students, but all out of state students, are going to be hit with this increase.  A headline indicating a raise in out-of-state tuition would be more fit.

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