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What did we do before ….

… cell phones, text messaging and the internet?

My most recent “disaster” occurred the is morning.  My 21 year old son is working at an internship in Wheatfield and living on campus at the University at Buffalo for the summer.  He has made arrangements with his twin sister, who is living and working at Niagara University for the summer, to use her car for transportation to and from work.  He was just home this past weekend and seemed very healthy and fine to me.

This morning the IMs started at approximately 7:40 am.  His stomach has been bothering him consistently for about 10-12 hours.  What should he do about it?  Should he call in sick to work?  Should he call the nurse hotline?  Should he just go to south campus and to health services?  He opted for calling the nurse hotline.  The nurse on duty told him that he should see doctor in the next two to three hours. 

Then, the fun starts!

The doctor’s office at health services is trying to get a pre-approval for a abdominal CT scan.  The insurance company has my son on file but not associated with a policy or policy holder.  WTF!  The doctor asks my son to ask me to call the insurance company.  Is there not a more efficient way?

Then, comes the shocker.  I cannot discuss info with the insurance company because he is over 21.  They need verbal approval from him to allow them to discuss his medical condition.  I must have sounded distraught on the phone.  I was trying to remember how to use the three-way calling I have and also wondering if I could do it without cutting of the insurance company. 

Suddenly, the woman on the other end – must be sure is a mother also – says while I can’t discuss his medical condition with you can tell you we issued a preapproval for a test today.  Wooo hooo!

Now comes the waiting.  He has to report to the imaging facility at 12:30 today to drink the contrast liquid.  Then, the CT is at 1:45.  The doctor is hoping to have results by 4 pm.  Waiting and praying – they seem to truly be the only thing parents can do once their kids leave home.

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