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Rules are Rules

I realize that young adults sometimes make bad decisions.  I have heard the stories of what goes on in dorms and out of dorms on college campuses.  I went to a university that has perennially been called a “party” school.  Yet, rules are rules.
When you sign up to represent your college in a sport, your region in a sport, you sign a contract, whether legally binding or not.  This contract may require you to give up some of the privileges you may enjoy as a “regular” citizen.  You, though, do have the choice to not join the team.
So, why is it, then, that the headline in today’s Press and Sun-Bulletin reads, “Central ejected from Games“?  Did the athletes on the Central region women’s open – which means not of high school age – basketball team sign codes of conduct without reading these conduct expectations?  Did the Central region women’s open basketball team think they were above the rules set out?
To make a team that represents an entire region of NYS in something as important as Empire State Games is truly an honor and a testament to the athletic prowess of the athlete who makes the team.  Why do athletes of college age think they can abuse their bodies and it not take a toll on their playing?
Not only have the members of the Central region women’s open basketball team made a mockery of the games, they have shown those younger, scholastic athletes – who may have been looking up to these slightly older players – what idiots athletes can be.  Number one, someone on the team should have stopped the group that was breaking the rules.  Yes, it is legal – if all involved are 21 years of age or older – to drink.  It is not allowed if you sign a code of conduct that states clearer there will be no alcohol consumption during the games.  If, at the tender age of 21 or 22 or even 25, an athlete cannot go without alcohol for five or six days, there is a huge problem.

Shame on the women who felt it necessary to go against their word when signing the ESG code of conduct.  Congratulations to the Games’ organizers who ejected the entire team.

2 thoughts on “Rules are Rules

  1. Hear, hear!!! Ethics and integrity are sorely missing in “classes” that should be considered role models – sports, celebrity, etc. Either I am just getting older and starting to sound like my GRANDPARENTS – YEOW! – or all of this is just part and parcel of the self-entitlement mindset.

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