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As I marvel over the adventures going on in BigLittleWolf’s home, I am looking out my window and cringing.  I am the regional coordinator for NYS Science Olympiad’s middle school division in the Southern Tier.  My regional competition is scheduled for Saturday and, though I love snow, I am concerned.  First concern is that schools will allow teams to travel on Saturday if there is a snow day on Thursday and Friday.  Second concern, slightly put at bay by a call with the assistant principal at the building I am holding the competition in, is that sports  – sectional basketball playoffs – will bump me from rooms I need, such as the gym.  Third concern is that I will not have enough adult volunteers due to the weather.

These things either will or will not work through to a successful end.  I am going to not stress over it as I can’t get outside to run – which would help alleviate the stress.  I am going to talk about what a geek I am.

I have always loved science, and math.  Not a normal admission for a female.  I am the girl who took two science classes her senior year in high school, along with calculus.  I am the college freshmen who was tutoring older students in calculus.  I am the college student that loved dendrology because I wanted to know what that tree was and the scientific name.  I am the college student who got the B.S. in business admin as opposed to the B.A. because I took so many science courses.

Several of the apples did not fall far from the tree.  My children tend to be very good in math and science, whether they like these subjects or not.  This tendency to get high grades in these areas introduced at least two of my boys to Science Olympiad.  In turn, they introduced this wonderful extra-curricular activity to me.  I have been “just  a parent,” a coach and now a regional coordinator.  I have been an event supervisor at the state level.  I have gone to the national competition.

Science Olympiad is a team competition.  I try to equate it to a type of athletics so people understand.  There are individual events and a team score at the end.  Individuals receive medals for the top three places in individual events.  Teams receive trophies for the top three places.  In the case of the regional competition, at least two teams and sometimes more – depending on the total number of teams at the regional – advance to the state competition.  From the state competition, two teams in the middle school division and two teams in the high school division advance to the national competition.  I liken this to wrestling or swimming in some ways – individual events with a team score in the end.

Anyway, I am back off to finish printing the knowledge events and the score sheets for the technical events.  If you are in the Endicott/Binghamton/Ithaca area and are interested in helping, let me know.

8 thoughts on “Science Geek

  1. Good luck! I majored in Physics Education in college, although all I ever taught past my student teaching (I was pregnant with #2 when I did that). Anyway, I love math and science, too. And all my kids, so far, have shared that love. Just thinking about it makes me happy (even though I probably couldn’t do multivariable calculus anymore or rattle off all the theories I once knew by heart).

    I knew there was a reason for liking you so well!

  2. I have always admired math-science geeks (and even managed to give birth to one), so be proud!

    As for your upcoming event, here’s hoping it all comes together around your staggering amounts of snowfall. (Don’t know how you do it.)

    Ah, the things we do for our kids… it all makes us crazy, and we love it at the same time…

    Keep us posted!

    1. Thankfully, the meteorology event went off without a hitch. The entire event is over and I am ready to crawl into bed. 🙂

    1. TKW, sorry! I am truly a math geek as much as a science one. It is strange as I also love to write and do paint also. Not sure how I get a bit everything.

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