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The area of Upstate New York where I live is finally getting the winter we have been waiting for all season.  Until today, the storms have maybe hit five inches but only once or twice.  My son’s school district has had two snow days, before today – both of which were not bad enough to stop me from traveling.

Here are pictures from today early and about dusk.

14 thoughts on “Snowicane

    1. They say the worst has yet to arrive, Anj. Kids are hoping for tomorrow off also – at least the one that still is in school. The 19 y/o is home on break and where he goes to school, they are suppose to get about a foot more than we do.

    1. I had a blast yesterday, even if I did have to shovel for an hour and a half. Hope you had a great day also, Aidan!

    1. Yup! I wanted snow every time you got it. Now I am concerned this goes away. Half marathon on 3/14 and would like to run in shorts.

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