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Where Can You Find Me Today?

Well, if you are jonesing for a dose of my writing today, you will have to head to two other blogs I read frequently.

You can read all about my mapped out strategy – yes, I am a planner – for the year and my running at Kristen’s place – Motherese.

You can also find out all about the most recent drama in my life over at Becca’s new WordPress digs – Drama For Mama.

Should you stop here all the time, please consider contacting me to guest post here starting February 5.  You can get a hold of me at nconroy {at} stny {dot} rr {dot} com.

4 thoughts on “Where Can You Find Me Today?

    1. Thanks for coming by, Suzy. Jennifer – a local runner friend of mine – is where/how I found you.

      Thanks for looking at my race line up too. Have some empty months but will get to those. May do a half at the end of May in Buffalo instead of anything in June – not sure…will that count? LOL

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