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A Guest Book Review from Carly

Float: A Guide to Letting Go seeks to encourage children to process their emotions gently and in a way that allows them purposeful ownership of what they think and how they feel. It will aid them in identifying the root of their feelings, help them to examine their reactions to emotions and decide for themselves… Continue reading A Guest Book Review from Carly

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Come Visit ViewSPORT with Me

I’ve spent my summer outside where using a laptop is not always convenient. I have also spent it with my kids, though they are all adults now. We may not have headed off on a big vacation but we have had a good time. Consequently, despite my best attempts – even downloading a WordPress app… Continue reading Come Visit ViewSPORT with Me

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Look for Me at Infinite Learners

My friend Hillary just had her third child, a beautiful little girl.  She is a wonderful woman who is also a huge advocate for other women in our world.  On top of the birth of her baby last week, she celebrated the NYS Senate and Assembly passing the Midwifery Modernization Act – something she had… Continue reading Look for Me at Infinite Learners