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A Guest Book Review from Carly

Float: A Guide to Letting Go seeks to encourage children to process their emotions gently and in a way that allows them purposeful ownership of what they think and how they feel. It will aid them in identifying the root of their feelings, help them to examine their reactions to emotions and decide for themselves what they may be ready to release. The thoughtful use of color and symbols, and the guided practice of breathwork, encourages readers to maintain a broad focus as they become more grounded and aware. The playful rhyme dances with readers as they grow on their journey to the present, where they are beautifully set free.

Readers will enjoy:
– Learning how to identify and examine emotions
– Understanding how to release unwanted thoughts and feelings
– Permission to acknowledge, accept, feel and heal in a unique way

“Aimee Ruland’s book, Float, is a masterpiece of creativity where the intangible becomes relatable, fun and beautifully depicted. Teaching children mindfulness, kindness and intention regarding their feelings might just be the most important lesson we can teach them. This book belongs on the shelf of every child–or anyone who has ever been a child.”
–Stephanie Wharton, M.Ed., INHC

“What a beautiful message for children of all ages! A brilliant example of emotions and feelings that may be difficult for children to define with words. Float is the perfect story to help a child’s mind and body unwind at the end of the day. I found myself thinking about the message long after reading the story.”
–Tanya Swanson, kindergarten teacher

“Beautiful, soothing words to comfort children and guide them in using imagery to help deal with the weight of daily emotions.”
–Susan E. Slater, children’s librarian

“Float does a great job blending imagery to relate to feelings of young children. The colors of the balloons are neatly tied into each feeling discussed in the book. The strategies are appropriate, simple and thought provoking. A great read!”

–Matthew Menard, M.S., M.Ed., LPC

“Aimee Ruland is the Dr. Seuss of children’s therapy books. My seven-year-old loves the book, and so do I.”
–Jeffrey Barkstrom, LAC

From the Growing with Love Series at Loving Healing Press

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Also available in audio format! 
float audio

About the Author

Aimee L. Ruland is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, with degree concentrations in Psychology and Philosophy. She is an Applied Metapsychology facilitator, Certified Yoga Instructor, Usui Reiki practitioner, Access Bars practitioner, meditation guide, and mother.

She holds an affinity with birds of prey, studies in quantum mechanics, and sculpting with her daughter.


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Guest book review by Carly Louise Wilson
The cover of ‘Float’ by Aimee L Ruland is colourfully appealing and draws you in. It’s a book about learning how to deal with overwhelming emotions, delivered in a perfectly soothing rhythmic tone that relaxes and calms.

The target audience is children, however I thought the book was equally as appealing to adults, educating them on how to handle stress and work on breathing techniques in order to overcome the sense of anxiety.

I loved the clever use of colours to help capture attention and to enable you to remember the tips and tricks being told to you. The idea of a balloon, was empowering and engaging and enabled me to focus more on the breathing exercises discussed.

A short, quick read that delivers a sense of calm and leaves you feeling more mindful and engaged. Very clever, and perfect for children who may be struggling to sleep, or adults with overactive minds such as myself.

I listened to the audio book of Float, which I found empowering and the rhythmic narration enabled me to completely zone out of reality and into the bubble of working on breathing and handling the strains that weigh me down. An ideal listen for bedtime that enables you to switch off and have that much needed downtime to regain perspective.

I’d highly recommend to those who are in need of that short switch off.

5 Stars

Carly  volunteered to share her review and all the opinions are 100% her own.
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