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Thank You Boilermaker 15K Volunteers

I want to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of volunteers that helped make the 33rd running of the Boilermaker 15K such a success.  Those who were manning water stations – the most I have ever seen in a race – probably heard a thank you here and there as runners went by.  Those at the end of the race handing out pins and goody bags probably also got a thank you from at least one runner.
I am unsure where the volunteer that was on the bus back to the start line I was on worked during the race.  She sat in front of me on the bus.  I just quickly touched her on the shoulder and said thank you.  She said no one else had told her that.  I was so glad i did.
As a first time runner of the Boilermaker, I was amazed at the clockwork precision with which a race of this size ran.  It was an amazing experience and it would not have been without the volunteers!
Thank you!!!

2 thoughts on “Thank You Boilermaker 15K Volunteers

    1. Me, too, Katie. I almost – but was having way too good a time evidently – went up to volunteers walking around at the after party to thank them also.

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