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Working Out

My workout schedule has diminished greatly since my move to Western North Carolina. At first I continued my previous schedule, finding the adaptation to being almost 2000 feet higher in elevation a challenge. Then, I almost stopped all together. Now, as I’m getting back into things, I wonder about the stopping.

Why not Work Out?

I have been listening to a podcast by Danielle Bean called Girlfriends. This is brought to everyone who listens by Ascension Press. She did a podcast on why you are giving up on exercise. One of her reasons – your workout plan just doesn’t work with your life – really struck a chord with me.

Does running early in the morning make you feel good? If not, you may not do the workouts.

I have always been a social runner/exerciser/cyclist. When I moved to Western North Carolina, I knew other runners. Problem was I was not living near any of them. I was off running alone. That was not all that different from Upstate NY as I ran alone there but I had a much stronger running support community that I was involved in. I did not have that in Western NC. I pinpointed this as why my workouts were not working.

Joining Running Groups

To help myself get back in the groove, I joined a gym with my boyfriend. While I do not like strength training particularly, we both need to workout more – both cardio and strength. We do go to the gym together. I do not go as frequently as he does as I do walk the dogs almost daily (a new goal for 2019). But we go together as that gives me the social aspect of working out.

Trail Sisters

I also joined a group in Asheville. That means driving to Asheville which is approximately 30 miles to go to group runs. It is also great as no one is left behind. People run at a fairly good pace on trails. People hike. People are like me and somewhere in between. The group meets twice a month, once on a Saturday morning and once on a Sunday morning. I cannot do the Sunday runs as I have church but I try to make the Saturday ones.

Do Your Workouts Fit Your Life?

So I want to know. Do your workouts – whether running, cycling, swimming, hiking – fit your life? How are your fitness goals going for the month or year?

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