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Bethel 5K Race Review

I finally ran another race. And, more importantly, finished the race.

Bethel Half

If you are a close follower of my blog, you will recall the Bethel Half Marathon was a favorite of mine my first year in North Carolina. I was going to run the half again this year but decided on Wednesday, I wasn’t ready for a half marathon so would drop to the 5K.

Bethel 5K

I’m not a huge fan of 5K races. Many people tell me to run the race prior to running the race, if you know what I mean, as a warmup. That is definitely not me. I have, though, come to the conclusion I am warming up to the 5K distance.

The morning was not as warm as we have been. While I live south of the Mason-Dixon line by quite a bit, the mountains here in Western North Carolina make the weather a bit more temperate. I couldn’t decide whether it was going to pour or the sun was going to come out. Neither ended up happening.

I laid out my Flat Nicki the night before but forgot my skirt which I definitely was going to wear so here is Flat Nicki, minus the green Sparkle Athletics skirt.

Good news! I finished my second 5K of the year. My first was in March or April. Even better news! I finished second in my age group. Woot! I love this race.

Race to Put on Your List

If you are going to be in the Western North Carolina area in October, you must put the Bethel Half Marathon and 5K on your list. The food after is amazing. The race is well staffed. Even though it is an open road race, there are a lot of volunteers along the course.

What is one of your must run local races?

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