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It’s Finally Here! Fall!

I’ve been waiting and waiting on the temps to drop to fall-like but it seems to have taken forever. I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. You would think that fall would come to a mountainous area before mid-October. Not this year.

Fall in Upstate NY

Fall In Upstate NY

This is what fall is like where I lived most of my life. You had color and lots of it by this time of year. Actually, in looking back over photos, a lot of raking has taken place by this time usually in Upstate NY.

Fall on Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

Fall in NC

Where I currently live, fall is a huge tourist season. I am unsure if this will come this year or not. The trees across the road from my house, even at the top of the mountain, are still green.

I heard on dendrology professor at the local community college said one of two things will happen this year. The leaves will change quickly and there will be a short burst of color. Or, the leaves will not change at all, possibly turning brown on the trees before falling.

I am hoping for color, even a short burst. I have no plans on traveling out of the general area now fall is here so I figure I’ll see whatever color we get.

What About You?

Do you get four seasons where you live? Is fall one of the seasons you have? What does it currently look like where you are – colorful or green?

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