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Road iD

Disclaimer: This post contains links that are affiliate links. I will receive a referral fee if you click through and make a purchase that meets the guidelines of Road iD. As I stated back in 2016, I only am associated with companies I use and trust. At that time, it was only one company.

Road iD

When my mother was ill back in 2014, I went to California for three weeks and then again for another extended period of time. I was in the middle of training for the Marine Corps Marathon and needed to keep up my running. The problem being my mother lived in the desert. Daytime highs were easily over 100*F. Long runs would not be doable when starting with the rising sun.

Both my mother and stepdad were a bit hesitant to have me out running at 3:30 in the morning as I was unfamiliar with the area. I told them not to worry, I never run without my Road iD.


I was on my second Road iD by that summer in 2014. I had also bought one for my youngest who rides his bicycle frequently.

My first Road iD was a foot pouch. My id faceplate went on a red pouch that was on my shoe. I could easily keep car keys or a hotel key card in the pouch. I would frequently run with my debit card in the pouch so if I didn’t bring enough fluids, I could stop and purchase more.

My second Road iD was a sport band. I still have this one even though I frequently forget to wear it nowadays. I am going to get a faceplate to go on my Garmin soon.

Not Just for Me

I love Road iD so much I have given them as gifts. My youngest has one for when he rides. My boyfriend has one that was a gift from me. Our dog has one. I am definitely a Road iD girl.

For the next 60 hours approximately, Road iD is having their spring sale. I will be ordering the faceplate for my Garmin. Join me in helping your loved ones feel a bit safer about your being on the road alone – whether running, hiking, cycling.



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