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Do You Like Change?

No one I know likes change, even change that is for the best.

Do You Like Change?

Let’s talk about change. There is big change, like moving to a new state, town or city. That may be change that is “you” initiated so may not be disliked. It may be change that is “job” initiated and may be disliked. The “Life Change Scale” shows that change, whether negative or positive, has effects on both the mental and physical well being.

Other change may be planned, such as the birth of a child, a marriage. These changes are happy ones, hopefully.

Forced Change

Many organizations have to change over time. Things cannot carry on the way they always have as there is not the room, the money or the people to do the jobs needed. Change such as this tends to come out of the blue and the people it affects tend to be the most disturbed by it.

How Do You Help Others with Change?

Change can be eased into to help others. Hopefully, knowledge is power. Also, change is best if it is not sprung upon someone. If a change is coming up, let people know. Let them know the options. Let them know how a decision is going to be reached. Let the people affected have some input.

Do you work in a position where you lead other into change? What are your tips for doing so?

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