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Living in the Mountains

I’ve made it through the beginning of March. With March 1 being the start of Lent, this meant adding an additional part to trying to decide how March will proceed. I think it is going to be a great month.   My oldest was in Nashville last week and stopped by to visit briefly. No,… Continue reading Living in the Mountains

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Roanoke and Pittsburgh, Here I Come!

I was going to give each race its own separate post but somehow yesterday was lost in church work and a few other things that had to be done. Consequently, here are the two big races I have planned for the first half of this year and why I love running each. I will be… Continue reading Roanoke and Pittsburgh, Here I Come!

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Conquer the Mountain Half Marathon

It’s been just about two weeks since I ran the Conquer the Mountain Half Marathon in Franklin, NC. Funny! When I bought my Subaru in NY, the guy asked me if I knew where Franklin was as he was heading there for a wedding in June. I had no idea and had never even heard… Continue reading Conquer the Mountain Half Marathon