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I’m Back

Most of my writings have been about books – reviews through a group I am part of called Beck Valley Book Tours – this past year. I have started to blog again and then fallen off the track. I am starting again now.

New Place to Call Home

I have some great news. I am settled – not totally but enough – in my new home in Maggie Valley, NC. I love sitting at the table to work and looking out at the mountain across the way. It is inspiring and beautiful.

West View in Maggie Valley


I have started running again. I am hoping my friend Angie’s 100 miles in November will inspire me to run more than I have been. I had a small health issue in January and it has basically thrown off my whole year. If I get going now, I’m golden because…

Running in Washington DC

Running Blue Ridge

I’m running Blue Ridge in April. I am running the half marathon to go along with my goal of not running fulls anymore. I will be in Roanoke for the April 21st race. I cannot wait to see who else shows up for this storied race. America’s Toughest Road Race. You can get 15% off your registration of any of the four races – the full marathon, the half marathon, the 10K or the double – by using the code RACEBLUERIDGE. It’d be great if you let me know you were using this so we can meet up in Roanoke.

Mill Mountain Star in Roanoke
The Star – a sight on the Blue Ridge course in 2013

Book Reviews and Life

Don’t worry! My blog will not now turn into just a blog about running. I will share my ups and downs about running. I will also continue to do book reviews. I will also share posts about life. I have to write two parables for my Lay Ministry class. I fully intend to put at least one online.

What have you been up to lately? Do you sometimes find yourself bogged down about things that are truly important to you?

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