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A Year of Racing

I would love to say that I have planned out my year to the race but so far I have not really done that.

This photo is me.
This photo is me.

I was looking at a 25K in February that will most likely not happen. I have yet to run a step in 2017 and it is the sixth. I’ve been having some health issues that have prevented my running so far. I am, though, over that now so once I get this up and going, I will be hitting the road or the lake for some running.

I also am not yet fully versed on what races are to be found around this area. I checked the organization that put on the Conquer the Mountain Half in November and they do not have a race until March. It seems like January and February are really quiet. I truly miss my January Freeze 10Ks in Binghamton. They may have been a pain in the butt sometimes – too cold, too wet, too much snow. They may have gone into Febraury sometimes – too much weather for a safe race in January. But, they provided great racing in the beginning of a year.

I do have plans for races in April and May. Look for a post on Monday about April’s race and Tuesday about May’s race. Both are returns for me, to Roanoke in April and to Pittsburgh in May. I’m totally looking forward to both weekends. I’m a bit annoyed as Pittsburgh falls on the same weekend of a local race here in Waynesville but I will run that next year as I know I will probably never leave the mountains.

Now I’m off to work and manage to get ready for the first big snow storm of the year in the mountains. Woot!

How do you plan your racing season? Do you race year round?

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