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The Ride for Roswell

While I didn’t take many photos during the Ride, I do have a few of me to share. But let me back up to the Ride itself and what I was doing out there on a bike for 45 miles with no training at all.


My daughter-in-law Lydia died in October of last year. She had been battling cancer for over a decade and had received treatments at Roswell Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, NY. All of a sudden, my son – who had always driven her around during the Ride so she could cheer riders on – and her father and my ex and my son’s twin sister were signed up to ride 65 miles in the June 2018 Ride for Roswell.


I felt like I needed to help in some way. I knew I wasn’t going to be up for a 65 mile bike ride regardless of how few hills were on the route. I signed up for the 45 mile ride. And I started fundraising. Each rider must raise at least $200 dollars. I’ve done this before, running the Marine Corps Marathon for a charity, and had to raise a lot more than $200. I figured worst case scenario I would be spending $220 (there is a $20 registration fee) to ride 45 miles. I had three or four months to train and fundraise. I put my goal at $500 and started.


Two days before the Ride, I was $25 shy of my $500 goal so I donated $25. I hit $500. My son hit over $4000. The Ride, in its entirety, raised over $5.2 million to help with cancer research.


My son sent me these photos as we were driving to Buffalo after a brief stop in Pittsburgh for lunch with my daughter, her wife and their adorable foster son.

Lydia's Tree

Distance of tree


And here are photos of Flat Nicki – a race tradition from the night before the Ride, Nicki prior to the Ride start with the rented bike, and Nicki just past the finish line (Thanks, Maggie!).

Flat Nicki

Before Start


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