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Conquer the Mountain Half Marathon

It’s been just about two weeks since I ran the Conquer the Mountain Half Marathon in Franklin, NC. Funny! When I bought my Subaru in NY, the guy asked me if I knew where Franklin was as he was heading there for a wedding in June. I had no idea and had never even heard… Continue reading Conquer the Mountain Half Marathon

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Five Things I Wish I’d Known

I am sure there are more than five but I wish someone had told me, or I had had the foresight to tell another runner, these five things at the start of my running career. You have to remember that I didn’t start running until the wonderful age of 46 with my “baby” of the… Continue reading Five Things I Wish I’d Known

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Runners Are Inventive People

You are probably thinking that the title to this post is pretty obvious. How else could people run in circles on a track for miles? Run in places, essentially, on a treadmill – again for miles? A person would have to be pretty inventive, right? Let’s talk about some every day products that runners –… Continue reading Runners Are Inventive People