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Goal Revisit

The year is half over and I need to check in with my goals and challenges that I started at the beginning of the year. Things are not looking good but I can turn this year around if I concentrate and am consistent.

... Keep trying.
… Keep trying.



I’m sticking with my not running a full marathon this year. I have only run one half marathon. I have my sights set on two different ones in the fall – one local, one not.

My goal of 1500 miles this year is not at all realistic. I have come to the conclusion that my body is not made for running more than five miles a day if I am running more than four days a week. If I only run four days a week, I can go with running longer distances. Unfortunately, I have only run 279 miles so far this year. Since there are only six months left to the year, I am thinking I will be lucky to hit 1000 miles this year. I am not happy with that type of a miss but I will not push and injure myself. As I said in a tweet a few days ago, in August 2010 I ran 194 miles. Now I’m lucky to hit 100 in a month. I will get above 100 in a month but I am going to do it easy so as to not have to spend a lot of time not running.

My cross-training has not been as consistent as I would like. I’ve tried yoga, Pilates (just recently started back on these), and my Rockin’ Body DVD. I have to be more consistent or cross-training is useless.


I have not gone back to menu planning. I should. I cannot eat out all the time. I do not have the finances or the desire for this type of lifestyle.

I have gone back to tracking my food and exercise on I put on some weight due to stress and winter. I know the only way to get it off is to WRITE IT DOWN.


This category is a total bust. Not only am I not saving, I have had issues getting gigs and have demolished what little savings I had.


I have gotten together with the kids quite a bit this year. It is a bit odd as only one lives at home now and getting the other five together is near impossible. We are heading to Buffalo next month for a family gathering.

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